News Regarding my Facebook Page LET THIS GO VIRAL!!!!!!

Many im sure are asking as to why I was sharing some news stories regarding Facebook. well as many may or may not know this is my second attempt at sharing bible verses each and everyday. the first time I shared bible verses a day was when I was blogging for google. I did that for a couple of years from 2008-2017. but after the 2016 elections I was neutral when it came to doing my work. meaning I kept my personal beliefs to my self and didn’t go waving it around like the actors and actresses in Commiefornia.

Well it seems as of now my Facebook page will be taken down for bigotry. as some may or may not know is that this past week I attempted to create an ad for my site to get more people to visit and to be able to share Gods word to those that don’t have a bible and in hopes of filling that void in ones heart.

All I have to say is that the only thing I ask of anyone right here and right now is that after reading this post please share this all across wether it is texting it, emailing it, Facebook, twitter, instagram, etc. it don’t matter I don’t know what will happen it the next few weeks or months all I am worrying about is here and now. all I have wanted to do is share Gods Word and reach those that don’t have a bible in hand. I want to let people know that God loves them and that He is always with them and that He is the only thing that can fill that void in their heart. People I can’t do this on my own. I am asking for your help. even if Facebook was to ban and blacklist me im still going to do what I must to share Gods word and that is by blogging. God loves us all. it don’t matter what color skin we have. He loves me and you and He cares about me and you.

So please, please im begging you to please share all my posts. I want people to know Gods word. The Lord Jesus Christ wants me to do this and this is my Mission to do this. So Please I am asking to please share this and all my post’s. Thank You!

May God Bless Everyone and May God Bless Everyone and their Family’s!



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