The Status of this Blog

Hello all, as many of you know or may not know this is my second time doing a blog were I share bible verses each and everyday to be able to help give a someone a little motivation before they start their day.

this is like a job to me doing this and being able to share verses of the Bible to people who either don’t have a bible or are not allowed to have one. I want what I share to all on this blog. I want it to reach all of those all across the world. I’m like Billy Graham but in my own way. I’m doing the best that I can but I do NEED YOUR HELP!!! I know you are asking how can I can help. Well please share the links all across social platforms and share it like you don’t know how. One day on Facebook someone commented and called me a troll! well I talked to the lady and replied kindly and I believe in a way that it touched her heart. she still hasn’t replied so who knows.

I fear that I will be Blacklisted Once More! I fear that Facebook, Twitter, Google, Linkedin, and Instagram will ban me once again. I tried to create an ad on google so I can attract more people to my site. well they automatically right then and there denied me and told me that my ad was against their policy and that they said my ad was full of bigotry. Jesus Christ loves us all and he gave his life for us all. God is with us all our lives. I will continue to share the gospal in all my blogs each and every morning wether I get banned or blacklisted it won’t stop me from continuing on my mission which is to continue sharing bible verses that will help show people that the only thing that will fill that empty void in their heart is the Good Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus loves you and the only thing that will fill that void in your empty heart is Jesus Christ. Beer, drugs, and money will not fill that void. worshipping an idol like buddha will not fill that void. people can sit there and say that he is like Jesus….WRONG!!!! Jesus Christ IS the answer. I will not force you to believe in Jesus. like I have said time and time again I will not force you to believe in him. read John 3:16.

Again please take the time to share this and all posts that I share each and every morning. share them all with your friends and family. it will help me even more. that is the only way because big tech will do everything that they can to stop me from spreading the truth.

Thank You!

Thank you again and May God Bless You and May God Bless You and Your Family!

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