About Me!

Many of you are wondering who I am and what I do. well here we go then.

Well today is that day. while I’m on a streak I thought I would or could clear some things up. What is it I do everyday from 5:00 am to 1 am the next morning everyday non-stop unless its a holiday.

What genres of books do you read? I read many genres of books to be honest wether its history or story telling. I always read one book in particular every day and that is the bible.

Do you watch tv? If so what shows or channels do you watch? I watch the walking dead when I’m not busy. if I’m busy I mostly record them. I watch many other tv shows as well. it just depends or varys on whats on tv. sometimes I watch robot chicken and king of the hill. for what channels? I watch mostly fox news, and the weather channel and adult swim only for robot chicken and king of the hill that’s all.

What do I do during the day? i basically do blogs 24/7 as mentioned above and i also help my grandmother do stuff around the house and to some people I’m considered a caregiver to my grandmother so again i guess I’m a good grandson to my grandmother or as my aunt put it. I’m a tick you can not get rid of no matter what you do.

oh and one or a couple of books i read when i can or when i get my hands on them is the Calvin and Hobbies comic book collection.

So for right now that is all about me for today. so until next time have a great day and may God Bless You and Your Family.

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